Why we ride.

Empower. Rebuild. Ride on.

The GOSH DARN was founded in 2015 by Dave Thienel and Greg O'Loughlin. Their love for the miles and miles of gravel roads, creek crossings, primitive camping, and adventure found everywhere in Hickman County, TN inspired them to create a way to share the fun! Now in its third year, the GOSH DARN has grown into an Adventure Series with the support of Halcyon Bike Shop and volunteers who also love to grind gravel. The big event is a fundraiser for the Oasis Mountain Bike Team, a youth cycling team riding for the Oasis Bike Workshop. The team is comprised of international high school students, representing Egypt, El Salvador, Mexico, and America. (Check 'em out on All Things Considered) With its roots in Halcyon Bike Shop, the Oasis Bike Workshop grew into its own space at the Oasis Center where it's taught hundreds of students from schools all over Nashville how to build, rebuild, and repair their bicycles.