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Fall Gravel Gathering

A 43 mile, 85% gravel group ride.

November 20th, 2021

You can view, save, and download the route here. The route is a solid mixture of groomed gravel and absolute chunder. Be prepared; the chunder is sharp. We'll have wheels rolling by 10 am. The route won't be marked, so having the route saved on your phone or head unit is incredibly helpful.

The start is here. Copperhead Pub, 500 Copperhead Rd., Nunnelly, TN 37137  We wouldn't advise entering from Blue Springs Hollow Rd. or McCaleb Rd. both could be impassible in some vehicles. We would recommend arriving from the east by taking Oak Springs Rd (via Woodland Park Circle). When you arrive, you should park in the grass perpendicular to the driveway to maximize parking space.

Cumberland Transit is kindly providing us with beverages pre and post-ride. If you'd like to have coffee with us, we'll be hanging and drinking coffee at 8 am. Bring your "coffee outside" setup, and we'll provide the beans. After we've had our coffee and hopefully warmed up a little, we'll roll at 10 am after a quick pre-ride meeting. After the ride, we'll be hanging out around the fire, having some cold snacks, and just being buds.

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